Update from Phil Fijal, JPF President on 2018

We hope this letter finds all of you in good health and enjoying this winter season.  The holidays have come and gone, and it is now time to focus on the potential of a new year, and the exciting advances we can make!

The Jeffrey Pride Foundation For Pediatric Cancer Research had an incredibly successful year in fundraising this past year.  Through our Warm Winter’s Night Dinner Dance, our golf outing, and many generous donations, we raised a record $500,000 in 2018, and have set a new goal going forward.  On top of that we received an anonymous grant donation of $100,000!  We are so thankful to the many people that have given so selflessly, and know that the kids benefiting from the research this money will fund, are forever grateful.

We have made some changes to our corporate structure, adding two Directors At Large to our executive board.  Tim Taylor and Bob Beaubien have joined the board, both coming from our Auxiliary Board, Tim serving as the Auxiliary Board’s Chair.  Tim and Bob have been great additions and will bring new ideas to simulate growth and expand our community.

We have also added some new members to our Auxiliary Board.  Returning for another term are Tom Beath, Dave Nolan, Jim Murphy, Jim Daluga, Bill Jourdan, Todd Williams, Mark O’Hara, and the new Auxiliary Board Chair, Bob Quinn.  Joining them are new members Anthony Crissie, Erin Yonkus, Karen Darch, John Kainz, Sean Lee, Dr. Dan Kuesis, and Cindy Kuesis.  We look forward to letting them all go to work and know they will bring great enthusiasm and energy.  We also will be assembling a “young Professionals” board in response to the many young people who have shown a great interest in helping cure childhood cancer.

The five studies we have been funding are still going but are due to end at different times during 2019, allowing us to advance their findings or if necessary move in different research directions.  At the conclusion of the studies we will be able to report more comprehensive updates/results.  Of particular note, our study titled “Reducing Immediate and Long-Term Complications in Children with Downs Syndrome and Acute Leukemia” has been identified by The National Cancer Institute for further study.  As we move forward with new donation money, we will be funding a study researching a type of leukemia called Childhood Hypodiploid Leukemia, and since our donation for this year was so substantial, the disease committees require a bit more time to decide because the size and scope can be so large.  We will have more to report in the 2nd quarter.

This is our 19th year as a foundation and we continue to grow, thanks to our dedicated community.  Where most foundations like ours last only an average of 3 years, we couldn’t be happier with the impact we continue to make, and we couldn’t do it without your help, support, and trust.  We commit to continue to make sound decisions as to where your donation dollars are spent, and rest assured that all the money goes directly to the research.

With your continued support, we feel that we can find a cure in our lifetimes!  Thank you for helping us reach our goal of cancer free lives for all kids!