JPF Brew Revue Has Sold Out

We are both pleased and disappointed to announce the 2017 JPF Brew Revue has sold all of its available tickets.  We had an upper limit from the Onion Pub and we hit that limit late in the evening on Feb 9th.  There are however limited tickets available at the door. 

Obviously we are thrilled with the participation in a new event for us and thank you all to those who purchased tickets and made donations for this event.  At the same time, we are disappointed that some of you who wanted to attend will not be able to.  Based on the reception of this event we will continue to offer it in coming years so stay tuned for information on that.  

In the mean time, we can not express enough our sincere thanks for your support of the Jeffrey Pride Foundation.  

Start thinking about warmer weather and hold the date for our Annual Golf Outing on July 21st at Makray Memorial Golf Club.